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Minifigure Barcodes

20. 4. 2010
10. 7. 2010 Update: Series 2, English subtitles, compact page

Download file: minifig-barcodes-a.pdf (two pages, sorted by number)
Download file: minifig-barcodes-b.pdf (two pages, sorted by bars)
Download file: minifig-barcodes-compact-a.pdf (compact page, sorted by number)
Download file: minifig-barcodes-compact-b.pdf (compact page, sorted by bars)

These are the barcodes of the new collectible minifigures, available since May 2010 (series 1, yellow bags, no. 8683) and August 2010 (series 2, blue bags, no. 8684). When you look at the back side of the bag, the important barcode is the smaller one (without digits beneath). Unfortunately there are at least two kinds of such minifigure bags which differ in layout and barcodes:
   - Item: 4559116 (Europe, barcodes on the left)
   - Item: 4568039 (US, barcodes on the right)
The barcodes presented here are valid only for the bags mentioned first. These are being sold in Europe. The others where found in the USA; unfortunately those have different barcodes.

Please print the PDF file in its original size (100%) on A4 paper, so the barcodes will appear the same size as on the bags, so they can be compared easily. In order to make this even easier, the barcodes in the second file ("-b") are visually ordered by the width and arrangement of the bars.

These PDF files are intended to be helpful for people who don't have a camera phone with barcode software, but still would like to get the desired minifigure or avoid duplicate minifigures.

There's no warranty of any kind for the information provided. It is recommended to verify the identity of the minifigure by feeling the shape of it through the bag.

Many thanks to the members of Bricking Bavaria and Antti Paananen who helped collecting all of the barcodes!


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