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Ball / Sphere Generator

Oliver Fromme -- January 2012

There are already several pages on the web that can be used to generate balls (globes) or spheres made of LEGO bricks. However, none of them was suitable for me, because either the input data was too inflexible or the output was not in a format that I could use.

The generator on this page can be used to calculate either solid balls (globes) or hollow spheres with a given diameter. Only "basics" are used, no plates. The result does not display a subdivision into actual bricks, so you have to choose the appropriate bricks yourself in a way that results in maximum sturdiness.

Important: When building hollow spheres that are large, you should increase the values for wall thickness and/or overlap, or use your own judgement to insert additional bricks for stability. For extremely huge spheres you will need to build an extra strengthening structure in the inside (e.g. made of technic bricks), otherwise the sphere will collapse because of its own weight.

Input parameters:


Only used for hollow spheres::

Wall thickness: studs
Overlap: studs

Output parameters:

Output format:
Mark previous layer:


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